Pivot.com is an online insurance superstore, offering coverage from a choice of quality top-rated insurance carriers (AM Best A+ or better). Consumers are provided a convenient online shopping experience, allowing them to compare insurance quotes online from a number of different carriers in just minutes. In cooperation with our insurance partners, our quotes allow consumers to select coverage amounts and terms from these premier carriers. Quotes are provided instantly online.

Experienced insurance representatives are available by telephone to provide assistance and answer any questions about the insurance quotes throughout the application process. Once the insurance coverage is chosen online, a friendly and knowledgeable representative will call and conduct a brief interview to make sure that the insurance policy chosen fits the needs, health condition, and lifestyle. Once an insurance policy is issued our professional staff provides ongoing service and support.

Carroll Enterprises, Inc. developed pivot.com through its subsidiary the Small Business Insurance Agency, Inc. (SBIA), a 30-year-old traditional full-service insurance agency. Since 1979, SBIA has helped consumers and small business owners find insurance coverage tailored to their specific situation and financial needs. Pivot.com allows consumers to conveniently and privately shop online and compare premiums from different carriers, so there is never any sales pressure.

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