Small Business Service Bureau, Inc.

The Small Business Service Bureau, Inc. (SBSB) was founded in 1967, by entrepreneur Francis R. Carroll. Mr. Carroll saw that other business organizations were not responding to the needs of very small businesses—not as legislative advocates nor for providing access to low cost benefits and services, including the pooling of small businesses for group health insurance benefits.SBSB operates a Customer Service Center for Massachusetts Commonwealth Choice

SBSB began as a small business organization in Worcester, Massachusetts. Today SBSB has grown into a national membership organization with more than 50,000 members: small business owners, entrepreneurs, and individuals who own and operate every kind of business and trade.

In 2007, SBSB entered into a collaborative partnership with the Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector Authority as a sub-connector/third party administrator for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Through this partnership, SBSB offers health insurance to the citizens of Massachusetts.

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